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Martin Haugo

Martin Haugo

Martin Haugo

General Manager

Martin is born and raised in the Norwegian mountains and comes from Gol, a small town in the middle of the country. His friends describe him as outgoing, positive, energetic and an ambitious perfectionist.

We asked him some questions:

Which languages do you speak?

My native language is Norwegian. I speak fluent English, my German is fine, and since I've been living some time on Gran Canaria then of course my Spanish is getting better.

Where have you worked before?

After school I went to the military and stayed there for 14 years. In that time I worked as a professional soldier, instructor and got an officer education. During the summers I have also worked as MTB instructor for youths in training camps in Norway. After my military career, I decided to pursue my passion as a bike guide and I’m now working with cycling tourism full time for both road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Tell us about your education after high school?

During my years in the military I studied to a Bachelor degree in Sports Physiology from Lillehammer University College in Norway. I also have my officer education from the Norwegian Armed Forces where I have a Lieutenant rank.

Which cycling discipline is closest to your heart?

I’m a mountain biker. I love the challenges a mixed trail can give me and the feeling of accomplishment after I’ve managed to clear a difficult technical section. I also ride quite a bit on the road, some enduro and a little downhill.

How did cycling become your passion?

I’ve always used a bike to get around, but became a part of the cycling family in 2007 when I started with racing. From then on I have travelled around a lot in Europe on different camps, events and races and found my way of life.

What’s your best cycling memory?

Really hard to say, because there are so many of them! But I like to challenge my limits, and these extreme rides have set their mark in my memory. Me and a friend were on a training camp in the French Riviera and rode through a World Series Marathon course in heavy rain. When we were around we both agreed to go for one more lap… The dinner tastes extra good after such crazy stunts, and the memory lasts forever.

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