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Multilingual guides that care for you

A good guide is a good cyclist, but a good cyclist is not necessarily a good guide. For our experienced guides your safety is priority number one. Riding with us gives you an unforgettable nature experience. You will feel included in a group of likeminded riders, where having fun is the key to success! Memories are so much better when you share them with others.

Our rides are also designed to give you a good training effect. Your guide will encourage you to overcome the challenge and make you feel like a champion! In the end you'll feel the sense of achievement that stays with you long after the sun has set on a great day on two wheels.

We love to explore new trails and routes

For us the journey is just as important as the destination. We love to explore and overcome new challenges. Rest assured, we have done the "dirty work" for you. We ride with the locals and get to know the hidden secrets. When we're out on adventure rides exploring new areas we often take the road less travelled just out of curiosity.

The pure excitement of not knowing what really lies around the next corner. That's how our tour programme has come together - To offer you the best of what we know and give you the unforgettable rides you dream of. We highly recommend the personalized ride, which will be designed for you and your friends.

Technical and mechanical expertise

While riding, we may give you technical advice if we see something you can improve. Whether this comes in the form of technical suggestions that let you enjoy that descent to the fullest, or adjustments to ensure your bike is running to the best standard.

We will happily assist you in case you are so unlucky to puncture (please don't ride tubulars...), if you have gear issues or any other problems you may have with your bike. Our experienced mechanic also takes care that the bikes are treated with the love and care they deserve, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Planning and execution of training camps

There are many factors to consider for you to have a successful and memorable camp - that's why we are here to assist you. Over the years we have been on countless journeys, adventures and training camps around Europe. We have planned routes, executed training plans, explored new areas, learned the cultures and the languages.

On the journey we found Gran Canaria to be the by far most weather stable and ideal area for cycling in the winter. We are here for you from November to April. In the summer from May to October the Alps appeal to our beating cycling heart. We would love to invite you to visit us and share some happy memories on the bike.

Sports science & physiotherapy education

Martin, our coach, has a bachelor degree in sports science from Lillehammer University College in Norway. He started his studies of scientific training with power meters back in 2009 and has gathered valuable experience working with athletes and as an athlete himself since then.

Anja, our physiotherapist has an education from Germany. She has also extended her skillset with further education in manual therapy. In case you struggle with an overuse injury or you want to work preventatively, she’s here to assist you.

Racing background in most cycling disciplines

Some of the beauty of cycling is the huge variety of different disciplines. Each with its own characteristics and unique requirements of skills. Life On 2 Wheels™ is all about embracing this variety and including everyone in the same Cycling Club.

No matter if you prefer road cycling, cyclo cross, mountain biking or enduro we all have the same gene. What gives us the feeling of being alive is to ride our bikes! We have been racing in all of these disciplines and we use this experience to offer you our Performance Coaching.

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