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Anja Engel

Anja Engel

Anja Engel

Shop Manager

Anja comes from the south of Germany, Friedrichshafen by the Bodensee. The city is known for hosting the biggest bike expo in Europe: Eurobike. Her friends describe her as caring, positive, patient, friendly and independent.

We asked her some questions:

Which languages do you speak?

I speak German, English and I’m a beginner in Norwegian.

Where have you worked before?

First I was working for an insurance company, then I changed to physiotherapy and neurology rehabilitation.

Tell us about your education after high school?

Education in the insurance company, education in physiotherapy and manual therapy.

Which cycling discipline is closest to your heart?

I have done some triathlon, but I found out I'm a mountain biker. Taking my enduro bike in the nature and discovering the hidden trails that nobody knows about and maybe it has never been ridden before.

How did cycling become your passion?

I was always impressed about the challenges of triathlon and wanted to try it myself. My parents have also been an inspiration to get on the bike. It felt natural to me.

What is your best cycling memory?

My mountain bike ride through the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.

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