Constantin Bartels

Constantin comes from Germany, although he hasn't lived there much. He grew up and found his love for cycling in Ireland. His friends describe him as someone who likes bikes, food, smiles and nature.

We asked him some questions:

Which languages do you speak?

I speak English, German, some Spanish and French.

Where have you worked before?

Various bike rental shops, and probably half of the hospitals in Ireland.

Tell us about your education after high school?

I gathered a few suffixes after school: MB BAO BCh, MRCS. I completed medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and went on to pass my membership exams to commence a career in surgical training. Life lead me on another path however!

Which cycling discipline is closest to your heart?

Touring, exploring, finding the most beautiful and wonderful areas around wherever you may be. The freedom and challenge of two legs and your will versus the open road. I have also dabbled in racing several disciplines.

How did cycling become your passion?

I had a very late start to cycling, then quickly went from commuting to college lectures, to cycling the length and breadth of Ireland and beyond.

What is your best cycling memory?

One that was awesome was coming through my hometown during the Ras Tailteann, off ahead of the bunch coming past where I knew my family were watching, then meeting them again at the finish where they were waiting with home baked goodness!





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