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The coast road CG-500 to Mogan: an update

The coast road CG-500 to Mogan: an update

Written by Constantin Bartels | Updated Sep 14, 2023 | Category - Tours

Roads hug the edge almost along the entire border of the little Island of Gran Canaria. Progress has built larger, more direct routes, leaving many of the old coastal roads quiet and ideal for the enjoyment of cyclists. They also provide links for slower traffic and locals.

Unfortunately one of these coastal roads- (GC-500) the crucial connection to most south westerly town- Puerto de Mogán, has been closed for the last two years.  

What can you do when the road is closed?

Not only was this picturesque harbour town itself a popular destination, but the roads that meander up the mountains beyond it are some of the most fantastic of the island, including Gran Canaria's very own 'mini Stelvio' - the Serenity, or the daunting 'valley of the tears'.

The beautiful village of Puerto de Mogán - hard to access without shuttle

It was July 2017 when a mother with her children narrowly escaped the initial rockfalls, and repair works were well underway when in September of that year a further cascade of rock tumbled.

Fast forward two years and there are talks of a new 263m long tunnel, and even a proposal to make the road useable as a recreational facility for walkers and cyclists only, yet all of these have been brashly sidelined by the construction of a wall that suggests that carpet sweeping is the order of the day for now..

Luckily, there is an alternative way to pass: our bike shuttle / service car is ready to transport groups beyond the blockade, opening up the west of the island for your enjoyment!

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