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After rain comes sun

After rain comes sun

Written by Martin Haugo | Updated Aug 09, 2023 | Category - General

On the southern half of Gran Canaria, we are blessed with the best weather conditions in Europe over the whole winter. No other place is better to cycle in the winter months. The mountains of the volcanic island acts like a weather barrier and protects the south from the colder climates and the rain showers coming in from the Atlantic ocean.

Earlier this winter, the dams have been emptier than in a very long time, and the island has been screaming for some water. Finally the wind turned and we got in a couple of storms from the ocean. These last weeks, the island has ben blessed with some sorely needed rainfall, and it says thanks by exploding in colour and life everywhere. There is water in the streams, new waterfalls have appeared and the dams are filled up.

The air is fresher, but cleaner. We could not feel more privileged and thankful to be a part of this. We wish all of you cyclists could be here and experience this with us, but in these difficult times we do our best to keep the family together and keep inspiring. See you soon :)

- The LO2W team

Gran Canaria green landscape
Mountain biking on Gran Canaria
Up Ayagaures on semi wet road
Just rained in the barranco
Unusually green nature
Fataga valley gravel road
View over Maspalomas
Unusual full dam