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LO2W Cycling Wear by ASSOS

LO2W Cycling Wear by ASSOS

Written by Martin Haugo | Updated Aug 19, 2023 | Category - Announcements

Our new custom gear arrived recently, and of course rigorous testing was in order. Assos naturally delivered a product that felt premium between your fingers, but saddle time was what would count.

Thus, one of its first outings was an ambitious one: the plan was to go to the jaw dropping wild west coast of Gran Canaria- a true treasure, and one that ensures you have a long day on your hands when starting from the south. All that was left was to grab another kilometer hungry amigo, and off we went.

Bringing plenty of food with me was no issue, as the pockets are fantastically stretchable- they'll as happily fit two kitchen sinks as they will firmly clutch just a phone or flat wallet, such as when my pockets emptied as food reserves became depleted.. ! They call this technology Stabiliser, well, it works.

They use wonderful materials throughout, with a magnificent stretch, fit and cut. Terms such as racingFit and miniCheck Tex are in the official description, which I guess are the technical explanation for the feeling you experience once worn, of a jersey that feels like it was made for you. Breathable and all-day weather adaptable.  

The shorts use their S7 pad, with 8mm of memory foam, and the straps are flat and wide for supple comfort. After over 10 hours in the saddle, they are as supportive and comfortable as with the first pedal stroke- truly sublime: the shorts won't be the reason you eventually have to heave yourself off the bike- your legs or lungs are more likely to give out first! I Suppose this is no surprise from a brand that invented the lycra short, and they certainly haven't forgotten anything in the meantime.

For our colours we opted for a timeless base of black, and the flushes of colour evoke the cosseting hues of the ocean that ceaselessly laps the shores of this craggy seven-membered archipelago- itself represented by a darker earthy tone.

See you around on the roads of Gran Canaria!