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Some epic rides on Gran Canaria

Some epic rides on Gran Canaria

Written by Constantin Bartels | Updated Aug 19, 2023 | Category - Tours

We lead a group around the entire perimeter of this isle recently; 200km, 3800hm, some trepidation, a lot of motivation and one marvellous success, with all riders arriving happy but awed by their achievement.

It all came together at our shop opening party on the 15th December; a meeting of like-minds the perfect inspirational melting pot. Initially three interested riders grew to a cajoled 7, and so it came that one morning at 8am we had 8 riders ready to ride, including our guide Martin.

We had a diverse group ranging from experienced gran fondo riders, to triathletes and relative new comers to the sport, and, with the haste of an appointment one of the members was loathe to miss, our whole group made it in good time and even better spirits!

Seeing each of our intrepid adventurers conquer the behemoth challenge that they had placed before them, inspired us to offer this as a regular opportunity over the coming months on sunny Gran Canaria.

We have three exciting routes planned:

  • once a month: the complete island tour 'Vuelta Isla'; 200km, 3800m elevation; a circumnavigation almost seems logical for an island as round as this one.. !
  • two dates for Valley of the tears, starting and finishing at our shop; 130km, 3500m; one of the most iconic climbs of Gran Canaria, passing the brutal and infamous 20%+ slopes through Carrizal de Tejeda
  • two dates for an alternative approach to Pico de las Nieves; ascending though quiet villages and forests of the East: 'Pico Las Difference', if you will.. ! 140km, 3100m. A wonderful, gentle, meandering ascent gives way to a few stinging ramps in the latter part, before emerging onto familiar tarmac just before the summit

All of these rides will start and finish at the shop, energy bar and water is provided at the start, but please come prepared for a long day in the saddle, with appropriate food, clothing and spares, and a bike in good working order, if not rented from us!

So if you or friends are looking for a challenge that pushes you a little further, shows you something a little different, with the camaraderie, mutual motivation and shared passion of a group of soon-to-be friends, then join us for a special experience on one of our rides!

You can book each of the tours on the links below:

We look forward to sharing the roads with you all !

Constantin, Anja & Martin