Valley of the Tears - Grand Tour

50 € per person
130 km
3500 m
6.5+ hours
Ride Time
Average Speed

Valley of the Tears - Grand Tour


There is one climb that is known for its savageness more than any other on Gran Canaria. The Valley of the Tears, el Valle de los Lagrimas, das Tal der Tränen. Nestled in the western edge of the heart of the island, and with it's base at over 400m above sea level, it is invariably preceded by climbing.

Thereafter the next 12 kilometers include some of the sternest tests this island offers. With several ramps well above 20%, and with a rough asphalt, there will be plenty of time to be under the pitying - or at least curious - gaze of the goats at half way.  

Our route starts and finishes at our shop in Maspalomas, so before facing the eponymous test, we will have our legs thoroughly warmed up, and enough camaraderie built up to face down our challenger.

Tears are not gauranteed.


  1. January 16th
  2. March 12th

What's included

  • Energy bar and water at the start
  • Multilingual expert guide


  • 08:30 Meet at our shop, Life On 2 Wheels, Maspalomas
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Arrival back at the shop

We look forward to having you on our ride!

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