Valley of the Tears

35€ per person
Sunny South
Up to 10 people
Advanced +
129 km
3468 m
6,5 hours
Ride Time
19-21 km/h
Average Speed

Valley of the Tears

SUNNY SOUTH - Group Rides

The Sunny South tour program consist of carefully selected rides to give you the most possible variety and challenge. Well protected from the weather barrier in the mountains, the sun nearly always shines on the southern Gran Canaria. The tours are social and fun group rides suitable for sportive amateur cyclists. Become a part of the team!


» You are over 18 years old, or 16 accompanied by an adult
» You are comfortable riding in a group and know how to control your bike safely
» You want to have fun, socialize, enjoy the nature and push some limits
» You cycle regularly as a sport and ride more than 5000 km per year
» You train regularly more than 6 hours per week and have a good level of fitness
» You are able to climb more than 800 meters per hour

For more information about our rider levels, click HERE.


This tour is available every Wednesday in the winter season (November-April). The price for each person is 35€ and includes participation in the group ride and assistance from our multilingual guide. For detailed route description, we recommend you to watch the video below.


» 09:00 Check-in outside CYCLO CANARIA, CC Sonnenland, Maspalomas
» 09:30 Tour start. Safety brief and departure
» Around half way in the tour we include a coffee stop (20-30 min)


» Guided cycling tour
» Social, fun and challenging
» Great training effect
» Beautiful nature experience


» Bicycle and helmet
» Personal ID (drivers licence etc)
» Mobile phone
» Cash for the coffee break
» Full drinking bottles (bidons)
» Sports food (energy bars etc)
» Extra inner tube and pump
» Wind/rain proof clothing depending on weather conditions


For safety reasons, make sure to know, understand and comply with our rules for the guiding services:

» Take care and follow the domestic law.
» Always wear a helmet during cycling, also uphill.
» Do not take any unnecessary risks, but ride within own technical ability. Racing downhill is not permitted.
» Never cut blind corners. There may be oncoming traffic or other hidden obstacles.
» Never overlap the wheel with another rider. This is dangerous and may cause an accident.
» Consumption of alcohol or drugs during the tour is forbidden.
» Pay attention to and follow the guide’s instructions. Do not leave the group unless the guide grants you permission.
» When deemed safe, repeat the guide’s hand signals. This only applies to road cycling.
» If you are unsure about the directions, wait along the route.
» Always bring a mobile phone and valid ID papers.
» Bring adequate clothing for riding in the mountains.

These rules can also be found in our Terms & Conditions.


We can only guarantee your place for this tour if you book it in advance. If you still decide to meet at the check-in location at the scheduled departure without having booked the tour in advance, we can not give you this guarantee. If the tour is not booked, we may not be at the check-in location.


In case the weather or other factors outside our control hinders us from riding the planned route, we will do our best to offer an equivalent alternative. The maximum capacity is 10 people. However, if you are a larger group, then please send us an email request to or call us at +34 672 232 555.

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