Private tour

Every day
First: 150€ - Extra: 35€
Gran Canaria, Spain
Up to 7 people
Intermediate - Expert
Up to 150 km
Up to 4000 m
Up to 6 hrs
Ride Time
Average Speed

Private tour


Explore Gran Canaria with us - we'll show you the island as you've never seen it before! Either if you are alone or a group of friends and prefer to have a private guide and an exclusive cycling adventure tailored to your needs, this is the service for you. Choose between road cycling and mountain biking and we provide the local knowledge and expertise to make the most of your day. Shuttle service is included. You will need to provide the bike and necessary riding equipment.


  • Exclusive cycling adventure for sportive cyclists
  • Completely customizable
  • Road cycling or mountain biking
  • Free pickup time (between 08:30 and 12:00)
  • Free pickup location (within 25 km from Maspalomas)
  • Tell us where you want to ride, we'll make it happen!

Things to bring

  • Personal ID (drivers licence etc.)
  • Mobile phone
  • Cash for the coffee/lunch break
  • Full drinking bottles (bidons)
  • Sports food (energy bars etc.)
  • Extra inner tube and pump
  • Wind/rain proof clothing depending on weather conditions
  • Full finger gloves and knee/elbow protectors are recommended for mountain biking


For the first person the price is 150€. For each extra person add 35€.


The maximum capacity is 7 people if we use the service car. Other limitations for this ride is up to 6 hours of ride time, up to 4000 climbing meters and distance up to 150 km. This should be sufficient for most mortals.

However, if you prefer an even bigger ride or have a large group, then please send us an email request to

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