Pico Las Difference

50 € per person
140 km
3100 m
6.5+ hours
Ride Time
Average Speed

Pico Las Difference


Those drawn to the sharp peak of this island usually approach the lofty goal of Pico de las Nieves from the southern approach, through Fataga and Ayacata. However, there are a multitude of ways to make the ascent.

Our route for this challenge sees us head eastward before we head skyward, savouring some rollercoaster roads before our ascent begins. We then begin a meandering and quiet ascent, occasionally passing through tranquil mountain villages.

In the latter parts of the ascent, some steeper ramps face us, so pacing is – as ever on this island – key. Savour the lush blossoming scenery, until we emerge onto familiar roads shortly before the summit.

Join us on:

1) February 13th

2) April 9th

What's included

  • Energy bar and water at the start
  • Multilingual expert guide


  • 08:30 Meet at our shop, Life On 2 Wheels, Maspalomas
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Arrival back at the shop

We look forward to having you on our ride!

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