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You are unique, and nobody has exactly the same life situation as yourself. Have you tried the same approach over and over without getting any further? Do you want more structure and quality in your training? How challenging and motivating is your goal? Let us help you define it together with you, keep you on track and you will learn more about training and yourself in the process.

Performance in sports is more than just about training. It's about the whole life balance and since the human body is not a machine, it's more an art form than just applying a generic training plan and hope for the best. With our professional experience, support and feedback, we help you stay motivated through the season. We will work with you one-to-one to reach your goals by creating a plan exclusive to you.


Our Performance Coaching service is a subscription based service billed either monthly or annual depending on your preference. Choose between monthly or annual subscription (10% discount).

GOLD: 399 € monthly  -  SILVER: 249 € monthly  -  BRONZE: 159 € monthly

Training Plan scheduled

How often do you want your coach to schedule your next training block? In general, the longer the interval between blocks,  the more generic the plan will be. A more frequently updated training plan gives you a more specific and personalized approach to develop your current limiters.

GOLD: Weekly  -  SILVER: Every two weeks  -  BRONZE: Monthly

Training Plan adjustments

We are humans, not machines and there are many factors that can affect our consistency in training. Sickness and other life incidents will at some point interfere with your plan. In these cases, your experienced coach may be a valuable consultant. The GOLD plan gives you full flexibility, and the BRONZE plan is more generic.

GOLD: Unlimited  -  SILVER: Weekly  -  BRONZE: Every two weeks

Communication frequency

How often you need to communicate with your coach? This depends on various factors such as how often you need feedback, how many questions you may have and your need for support and expertise. Our recommended communication platforms are Skype, Hangouts, Facetime, WhatsApp and email.

GOLD: Unlimited  -  SILVER: Weekly  -  BRONZE: Every two weeks

Training Data analysis & feedback

Your coach evaluates your uploaded training files and gives you feedback in your TrainingPeaks diary. He reads your comments and analyses your performance and execution. How often you will receive feedback depends on your selected plan.

GOLD: Daily  -  SILVER: Twice weekly -  BRONZE: Weekly

Strength Program

All our plans include a seasonal strength plan with specific exercises for cyclists. In the GOLD package this plan will be adapted to your specific requirements, in the other plans the plan is based on a more general, but still scientifically proven approach.

GOLD: Personal  -  SILVER: Generic  -  BRONZE: Generic

Physiotherapy Expertise & Support

To ensure you  get the best support possible our certified physiotherapist will advise you in case you have any physical problems, pains, or need for a rehabilitation program. This service is only included in the GOLD package.

GOLD: Included  -  SILVER: Not included -  BRONZE: Not included

TrainingPeaks Premium Account

As many professional cycling teams, we use TrainingPeaks as provider of the digital training diary. You upload your training files, review workouts and get the big picture. We use it to plan, analyze, give feedback and track progress over time. A TrainingPeaks Premium account is included in all our coaching plans.

Athlete Evaluation / Getting Started

All plans include both a startup meeting and seasonal evaluations. When you have confirmed your subscription, we will send you a questionnaire to get to know your athletic experience and training history. After this has been completed and returned to us, we will conduct a startup meeting where we to get to know each other better and go through your questionnaire. In this meeting we will also introduce you to TrainingPeaks, your training diary and go through our routines.

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