Why shuttle?

You may know the south a little too well. You have ridden the same routes countless of times and are searching for something new and exciting. With our service car, you get access the green north - the less visited half of the island. Our guides know the best roads home and will make sure you'll get to see the island from a new perspective.

As you will see in our tour overview the shuttle rides (Exciting North) are the most challenging we offer. It’s more than enough both distance and climbing meters to get a proper training ride and a good day in the saddle. With the service car we can avoid the strong headwinds and access more green and unexplored territories in the northern part of the island.

All our shuttle rides are planned with a purpose to get to our starting point on different interesting destinations in the north, and then cover a journey crossing the island on various spectacular roads to ride home to our end point in Maspalomas.

If you're into mountain biking - Imagine riding a downhill bike uphill. It's not a lot of fun. Why not just put the bike on a car and get a transport to get to the higher ground where the fun begins.

That’s why we also offer and recommend shuttles here at Life On 2 Wheels®. Not to be lazy, but to make the rides more interesting and give a better experience.

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