Why Gran Canaria?

For us, Gran Canaria is the consummate winter cycling destination. With an average of only three days of rain in the winter months, and comfortable median temperatures around 20 degrees, you can expect great weather. Most days you can even leave your arm warmers at home.

Traditionally, many cyclists have travelled to Mallorca and Calpe. These destinations provide variety are easily accessed, however, their European location means they becoming entrenched in much deeper clutches of winter, and one must address the packing list accordingly.. ! 

Located in the Atlantic ocean west of Africa, the island of Gran Canaria has an ideal and highly stable climate, thanks to the reliable Passat winds. The island is somewhat sheltered by the surrounding islands of the Canarian archipelago, and the volcanic island's form means the North acts as a rain barrier, providing the southern part with stable sunny conditions. The name “costa del sol” says it all. Gran Canaria is often described as a micro continent, and the slightly more frequent sprinkles of rain in the north transform the fertile landscape: any trip to the north is sure to be an adventure for the senses!

The road surfaces are superb, with the authorities constantly busy resurfacing, giving us cyclists the best possible road conditions. Off-road, there is a rich selection of both natural and manmade trails and they are always in great shape!

The local traffic on the island is in general very considerate to cyclists, since they live from tourism and understand our important contribution. To leave the everyday stress behind at home and finding peace here is easy. The Spanish and in particular the Canarian culture is outgoing, social and relaxed.

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