How do we ride?

We keep our group sizes down to a maximum of ten riders plus the guide. This keeps it personal and friendly, and is more manageable on public roads. The primary language for our tours is English, however we also speak German, Norwegian and Spanish.

Whether you are a natural born mountain goat- small and rocket fast in the climbs- or bigger, more muscular- advantageous in the winds- everyone profits from riding in a group. The social aspect is key, and a smile or a shared laugh can flatten any gradient. Share the experience and form bonds that unite.

We know the terrain and the routes, so we ensure the pacing is appropriate to everyone's individual level. Similarly, we know each descent and can guide you safely home, while letting you make the most of the lines that spread out before you.

For those wishing to push ahead on selected longer climbs, we may co-ordinate clear meeting points to best harmonise the group, allowing each rider find their own rhythm. These mountains can be challenging and you can easily overdo it, so be conservative, consistent and communicative! 

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