How do we ride?

We keep our group sizes down to a maximum of ten riders plus the guide. This is to make us smaller in traffic and more compact as a group. In a multinational group our tours will be guided in English. Please also try to speak English in internal communication so everyone can feel included. We also speak German, Norwegian and Spanish.

Some of you are natural born mountain goats, small and rocket fast in the climbs. This can of course be of great benefit when the climbing gradients ramp up past 10% and you still don’t feel it’s an uphill.

But then we have the other end of the spectrum with the bigger, more musculous riders. They provide a great wind shadow on the flatter parts and have plenty of strength facing the wind and in rolling terrain.

That’s the beauty of cycling in a group – make the dynamics of a team work together in perfect harmony. We level out the differences by riding together as a team. Most amateurs are actually riding their base miles too hard, so by putting the stronger riders in front we can stick together nicely.

In selected longer climbs, the guide can dedicate a meeting point to gather the group, so if you prefer you can find your own rhythm. But have in mind: a week in the mountains is hard! You can easily overdo it by adding those extra efforts in the climbs, so be conservative and consistent.

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